A Productive Harvest Day: We Picked our First Cabbage and Got Ready for Winter - Plus Enjoyed Some Sports Talk with Friends!

A Productive Harvest Day: We Picked our First Cabbage and Got Ready for Winter - Plus Enjoyed Some Sports Talk with Friends!
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Yesterday was a great day for harvesting. We picked our first cabbage, 'Charleston Wakefield', which is a 70-day variety developed for the South. It was cut slightly early and weighed 2 lbs, but it was enough for the recipe we had in mind. We also pulled some 'Purple Top' turnips - 55-day variety - that were about 2" in diameter. Pickles likes them this size so we decided to thin out the crop by picking these ones.

We are expecting temperatures to drop on Wednesday morning, so Pickles took precautionary measures and covered the carrots. She also got herself a grass/leaf bagger for her Deere mower as an early Christmas present.

Lisa asked if we have ever grown Charleston Wakefield as a spring plant, and what's its growth rate like. We did grow it this spring and it yielded around 4 lbs at 74 days from transplanting. Fall or spring plantings depend on weather conditions, but extra early plantings might take longer to catch up when the temperature warms up.

Goodloe commented that turnips are a quick crop, and wished us luck with knee recovery. He also wished good luck to both teams playing in the SEC Championship Game: UGA Dawgs and Bama Tide. Georgia has started improving their schedule quality by adding Texas a few years from now.

All in all, yesterday was a great day of harvesting vegetables and getting ready for winter season!We are looking forward to the next harvest and what it will bring.

We also got a chance to talk about our favorite teams, which is always fun. We all agreed that college football season has been exciting this year! It's great when we can take a break from work and enjoy some friendly banter with friends.

Pickles was happy with her new grass/leaf bagger for her Deere mower, as she had been wanting one for quite some time now. She said it would make cleaning up leaves much easier in the fall months ahead of us.

Goodloe mentioned he had seen an article on how cabbage could be used as animal feed during winter months - something he thought might come in handy if needed down the road. He suggested Pickles look into it further since she raises chickens and goats on their farmsteads too!

Lisa asked if there were any other vegetables we should consider planting before winter sets in fully? We discussed options such as kale, collards, spinach or even radishes but decided against them due to lack of space available at this point in time; however they may be worth considering later on down the line depending upon weather conditions then too!  

Overall yesterday was productive day filled with harvesting vegetables while getting ready for winter season ahead of us – plus talking about our favorite teams & sports news along way made things more enjoyable than usual :)

What type of cabbage is 'Charleston Wakefield'?

'Charleston Wakefield' is a 70 day cabbage developed for the South, and it is one of the pointy headed types.

How long did it take to pick the first cabbage?

It took 74 days from transplant to pick the first cabbage.

What kind of turnips were pulled?

The turnips pulled were 'Purple Top', a 55 day turnip.

What did Pickles do to protect the carrots from cold weather?

Pickles covered the carrots to be on the safe side when Wednesday mornings it was supposed to get down to 27 and 28.

What did Pickles buy as a Christmas present?

Pickles bought herself a "Christmas present" - a grass/leaf bagger for the Deere mower.

Has Lisa ever grown 'Charleston Wakefield' as a spring plant?

Yes, Lisa has grown 'Charleston Wakefield' as a spring plant before, and it is about the same growth rate.

How big was the 'Charleston Wakefield' when it was picked?

The 'Charleston Wakefield' was cut a bit early (just 2 lbs) but it was estimated to be about 4 lbs if it had more time to grow.

Does fall or spring planting grow faster?

It is hard to say if fall or spring planting grows faster, as it all depends on the weather. However, extra early plantings in the spring might have a slow start and then catch up as the weather warms.

What game will Georgia play on Saturday?

Georgia will play Alabama in the SEC Championship Game on Saturday.

What does Goodloe wish for?

Goodloe wishes he had the time (and inclination) to plant a fall/winter garden, but Bama Football takes up a great deal of time.