Beautify Your Garden with These Alternatives to Climbable Nasturtiums

Beautify Your Garden with These Alternatives to Climbable Nasturtiums
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Nasturtiums are a popular annual flower, known for their bright colors and unique shape. They can be grown in containers or directly in the ground, and they make great additions to any garden. However, some varieties of nasturtiums don't like to climb up trellises, making it difficult to train them up a structure.

The variety 'Moonlight' is a pale yellow that has been recommended as one that may have better luck climbing than other varieties. It's available from Select Seeds catalog. If you're looking for something else to put on your trellis, Sweet Peas may be an option if your climate isn't too hot. However, they only bloom for a short period of time.

Morning Glories might also do the trick when growing on a trellis, especially if you get eastern light. This is because Morning Glories prefer warmer temperatures and will thrive in full sun. Honeysuckle is another option, but it's a perennial so it may not fit into Linda's planter. Pole beans could also be used as screens or separators and would look beautiful amongst tomatoes. Malabar spinach could also work well with the tomatoes, although it requires cooler temperatures to grow properly.

Thunbergia is another option that was suggested; this variety comes in white which would look great in Linda's planter. It's important to remember that nasturtiums aren't always the best choice for training up a trellis due to their brittle stems, so it's worth considering other options such as Thunbergia or Morning Glories before planting Nasturtiums.

If you decide to try out any of these ideas in your own garden, take pictures and share them! It's always fun to see how others have made use of different plants and flowers in their gardens. Good luck finding the perfect plant for your trellis!

What type of annual can be grown on a trellis?

Nasturtiums, Sweet Peas, Morning Glories, Honeysuckle, Pole Beans and Malabar Spinach are all suitable for growing on a trellis.

Are Nasturtiums suitable for growing on a trellis?

Nasturtiums can be grown on a trellis, however they have brittle stems which makes them difficult to train. It is best to choose a variety that is specifically bred for climbing.

Is 'Moonlight' a good variety of Nasturtium for growing on a trellis?

'Moonlight' is a pale yellow variety of Nasturtium which is suitable for growing on a trellis. However, it may not climb as well as other varieties.

What should I consider when choosing an annual to grow on a trellis?

When choosing an annual to grow on a trellis, you should consider the climate in your area and the amount of sunlight the spot receives. You should also consider the size of the plant and whether it will fit in the space available.

Are Sweet Peas suitable for hot climates?

Sweet Peas prefer cooler temperatures and may not be suitable for hot climates.

Are Morning Glories suitable for Ontario?

Morning Glories are suitable for Ontario and will do well in areas with eastern light.

Are Pole Beans suitable for growing amongst tomatoes?

Pole Beans are suitable for growing amongst tomatoes but may need more space than other plants due to their size.

Are Honeysuckle plants suitable for growing in pots or trellises?

Honeysuckle plants are suitable for growing in pots or trellises but may require more room than other plants due to their size.