Explore New Potato Varieties in 2019 - Get Growing With Certified Seed Potatoes & Fingerlings

Explore New Potato Varieties in 2019 - Get Growing With Certified Seed Potatoes & Fingerlings
How to Plant and Grow Potatoes (In Containers or the Ground) - Melissa K. Norris

Potatoes are a staple in many diets, and the new varieties available for 2019 offer an exciting opportunity to explore different tastes. Papa Cacho, Natascha, Pinto Gold, Rose Finn, Banana, Magic Molly, and French Fingerling are just some of the potatoes that can be ordered this year. But how long will they keep before planting?

For those in zone 6a, it is recommended to plant around St. Patrick's Day (March 17). If ordering sets from The Maine Potato Lady or Gran Teton Organics, these should not be shipped until they are ready to be planted. It is also possible to save fingerling potatoes over the winter and replant them if necessary.

In areas with colder climates, such as where temperatures are currently 12 degrees, planting may have to wait until April. Last year one gardener grew 11 feet of Red Pontiac and 11 feet of Yukon Gold and was able to eat fresh potatoes and can up 14 pints before they became too old. To ensure successful growth, it is important to cheat ahead of time by purchasing certified seed potatoes. Red ones tend to do best, but white varieties can also be used.

Local feed 'n' weed stores often sell seed potatoes at a low cost - usually around 50 cents per pound - while Rural King offers six different types at 39 cents per pound. Rohrer's Seed is another great local store which sells 5 lb bags for $4 and 10 lb bags online at their website. They also carry all the necessary supplies for starting seeds indoors.

Finally, true potato seed can be purchased from local seed savers or Joseph Lofthouse from Utah. Tom Wagner's creations are also worth trying out. With so many options available, now is the perfect time to order your potato sets!Potatoes are a great way to add variety and nutrition to your diet. With the new varieties available for 2019, you can explore different tastes and find out which ones work best in your garden. Whether ordering sets from The Maine Potato Lady or Gran Teton Organics, saving fingerling potatoes over the winter, purchasing certified seed potatoes from local feed 'n' weed stores or online retailers like Rural King or Rohrer's Seed, or trying out true potato seed from Joseph Lofthouse - now is the time to get planting!

How long will the potato sets keep before planting?

If you order sets from The Maine Potato Lady or Gran Teton Organics, they won't ship till they are about ready to plant. I save fingerling potatoes over the winter to replant, they maybe a little wrinkled and sprouted eyes are starting to get long, and have had no problems. March is running colder than normal here (it's currently 12 degrees) it may be April before I get any planted, plus they haven't shipped my potatoes yet.

What varieties of potatoes do you recommend?

I have found out that red ones do best. So that is what I have, plus few white variety. I buy certified seed potatoes at a local store and I just bought mine yesterday. I picked up 5 lbs of Kennebec for nice baking potatoes and then I saw Lehigh yellow so I bought 5 lbs of them. Our local Rural King has 6 different seed potatoes all are 39 cents a pound.

Where can I buy seed potatoes?

I shop at a great local store called Rohrer's seed. They also have an online catalog if you are interested. You can go online at Rohrerseeds.com and see everything they sell in the store. The local feed and seed here only sells about a half dozen or so different varieties of potatoes. The most popular ones are Norlund, Lasoda, Kennebec, Yukon Gold, a Russet, and maybe a potato chip or large white variety. Price is about 50 cents/lb. Later in season they are free just to get rid of them.

What size bags do you buy?

I only buy 5 lb bags and I think they were $4 but they also sell 10 lb bags.

Are there any other sources for seed potatoes?

Yes, you can try tractor supply stores as they may stock different varieties of seed potatoes. You can also try true potato seed from a local seed saver or from Joseph Lofthouse from Utah or Tom Wagner's creations.