Find Your Perfect Tomato & Get Growing: Join Our Tomatoes and Discover a World of Varieties!

Find Your Perfect Tomato & Get Growing: Join Our Tomatoes and Discover a World of Varieties!
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Our Tomatoes is a Facebook Group that has been created to provide an online platform for people who are interested in tomatoes and tomato growing. The group is open to everyone, allowing members to post photos, descriptions, and discussions of different varieties of tomatoes. Gardeners and growers can also share their favorite varieties while small seed sellers and independent breeders can highlight theirs as well.

Tomatoville is the number one place to go when it comes to discussing all aspects of tomatoes and tomato growing. However, Our Tomatoes provides a focused image-based experience which makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for.

The website Talvez and Madera “available only at” was hard to find but upon further investigation, it was revealed that Madera is actually available at It is similar in size to Sun Gold and smaller than all Bumblebee varieties. As mentioned before, Our Tomatoes is open to any independent breeders or gardeners who want to share their favorite varieties.

Karierte Tomate is another EU vendor that was found through the group. While their website may be chaotic, they do have an impressive variety of veggie seeds. Prior to joining the group, many had never heard of them before.

Vertiloom is another great source for interesting varieties with great photography and prompt service. They offer local USA sources as well as Europeans ones. This mix of offerings from both sides of the pond makes the group even more interesting and exciting.

Finally, Fritz's comment about Juventus brought up an important point: politics and religion are not allowed on this forum so no discussion about Napoli vs Juventus will be tolerated here!

In conclusion, Our Tomatoes is a great resource for anyone interested in tomatoes and tomato growing. From independent breeders highlighting their varieties to gardeners sharing their favorites, there is something for everyone here. And with offerings from both Europe and the US, it truly offers a unique experience like no other!

What is the purpose of the Facebook Group "Our Tomatoes"?

The group is open to all and provides a place for people to scroll through photos and descriptions/discussions of new and loved tomato varieties. It is also a place for gardeners and growers to recommend their favorite varieties, and for any small seed seller and/or independent breeder to highlight varieties.

Where can I find Madera?

Madera is available at but the website is kind of clunky. There is a "product" tab at the top that can be clicked to show all varieties. Madera is on page 2 of the product list. Size-wise, Madera is similar to Sun Gold. It starts out as a cherry tomato, and like Sun Gold, later on it is a smaller cherry. It is smaller than all of our Bumblebee varieties.

Are there other EU vendors besides Karierte Tomate?

Yes, there are other EU vendors in the group. Vertiloom offers interesting varieties, great photography and prompt service.

Is it okay to discuss politics or religion in the Facebook Group?

No, Tomatoville is a "no politics or religion zone". Any discussion of Napoli vs. Juventus would be strongly frowned upon. Just don't step out of line at Our Tomatoes.

Can I join the Facebook Group if I don't have a Facebook account?

Unfortunately, you need to have a Facebook account in order to join the group.