Garden 2019: Get Your Garden Ready with Coles, Broccoli, Cabbage and More!

Garden 2019: Get Your Garden Ready with Coles, Broccoli, Cabbage and More!
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Gardening season is off and running for 2019! Planting has begun with coles, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. This year I am trying something new - aspabroc. A friend asked about it so I'm growing 6 for her and 6 for me to trial. Broccoli 'Packman' will be planted in four packs over the course of three weeks to avoid an avalanche of 12 heads all ready at once. Cabbage 'Stonehead' will also be planted in four packs, followed by a second planting of Charleston Wakefield in ten days. As for cauliflower, 'Amazing' will be planted in two 4-packs; one more in ten days.

Weeding the scallion row a few days ago was a challenge but necessary to get the garden into shape for spring. My sister and I went to a local cemetery on a quest to find and photograph some headstones for a Find A Grave request. It was a smallish 300 stone cemetery but after we walked the whole thing my knee said it had had enough.

Researching nematodes on Sunday revealed info on using molasses against them. Both this spring and fall are the last efforts to try cauliflower again before giving up hope. Hopefully it won't be particular about climate conditions.

It's always exciting when gardening season begins and it's great to hear how other people are getting their gardens started too! Let's keep each other updated on our progress throughout the season and share tips and tricks along the way. Good luck to everyone out there starting their own gardens this year!

What is the 2019 garden?

The 2019 garden includes coles, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower.

What type of coles are being grown?

Two 6-packs of aspabroc are being grown.

How many broccoli plants are being grown?

Three 4-packs of 'Packman' broccoli are being grown, with two more later at ten day intervals each.

How many cabbages are being grown?

Four 'Stonehead' cabbages are being grown now and four Charleston Wakefield in ten days.

How many cauliflowers are being grown?

Two 4-packs of 'Amazing' cauliflower are being grown, one more in ten days.

What is the purpose of staggering the planting times?

Staggering the planting times eliminates the avalanche of 12 broccoli heads all ready about the same time.

What is the purpose of growing so many vegetables?

The vegetables are for fresh eating, kraut and kimchi.

What other activities were done in preparation for the garden?

Weeding the scallion row was done a few days ago and research on using molasses against nematodes was done on Sunday.

Why is this spring and fall season important?

This spring and fall season is important to see if the climate has an effect on the vegetables.