Grow Citrus Trees at Home Easily and Successfully with This Advice

Grow Citrus Trees at Home Easily and Successfully with This Advice
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Citrus trees are a great addition to any home, but they can be intimidating for first-time growers. If you’re in this situation, here is some advice that may help you out.

When given three citrus trees – two Flame Red Grapefruits and a lemon of indeterminate name – it’s important to consider the environment before getting started. If your home has no large windows for natural light, then an artificial growing set up should be arranged in a utility room or other suitable area. It’s also important to make sure there is enough space for the plants to grow; if not, pruning may be necessary.

The next step is to address any pests or diseases present on the plants. Aphids, spider mites, curling leaves, and dry soil with chunks of salt are all signs of distress. To get rid of these issues, give each tree a shower with warm water and a squirt of soap. This will loosen their grip on the plant so that a gentle rinse will do the job. Leaf bottoms can also be rinsed with a waterpik or shower wand.

Repotting is another essential part of caring for citrus trees. When repotting, leave the rootball intact but remove loose soil. The best type of soil mix to use is one specifically designed for citrus plants. Fertilizer should only be added if there is something to indicate it’s needed; too much fertilizer can cause stress and even kill the plants. Good drainage and soil that dries out between waterings are also important factors for success.

If you don’t have room for more plants in your home, cuttings from existing trees can be bought online and mailed to you. Alternatively, buying fruit at the store and planting its seeds is another good option; although it takes four years for them to bloom, these plants aren’t any harder to start than tomato plants and come with an edible bonus!

Finally, always be aware of red mite infestations as they can live in carpeting for years and spread quickly if not addressed properly. Clean everything thoroughly when moving seed starting areas and try to avoid bringing mites into new environments on other plants.

With careful attention and proper care, anyone can successfully grow citrus trees at home!

What kind of trees were given?

Two Flame Red Grapefruits and a lemon of indeterminate name.

Is one double fixture enough for the grapefruit trees?

It depends on the size of the leaves. A double lightbulb fixture four inches above the leaves should be enough, but you may need to hang two fixtures if the leaves are large.

What kind of pests did the trees have?

The trees had aphids, spider mites, some curling leaves, and were very dried out with what looked like chunks of salt in the dirt.

How can I repot my citrus trees?

First consider repotting. Leave the rootball intact, but remove the loose soil. Use a citrus mix for best results and don't add fertilizer unless there is something to indicate you need it. Make sure the soil has good drainage and can dry out between waterings.

How can I get rid of pests on my citrus trees?

Use a squirt of soap in warm water to run over the leaves, then rinse with a shower set on rain. If possible, rinse the leaf bottoms too.

Is it possible to grow citrus from cuttings?

Yes, citrus is fairly easy to grow from cuttings although it will take a few years to bloom at that rate. You can also buy cuttings and have them mailed to you or buy a citrus fruit at the store and plant the seed. It's about four years to bloom this way.

What should I do if I brought mites home on another plant?

Remove the host plant and clean everything thoroughly, including rugs and curtains. Mites can live in carpet for years so make sure to dig out any soil that may have been embedded in it.