Identifying Marmande Tomatoes - A Guide to Choosing theBest Variety for Mid-Hudson Valley

Identifying Marmande Tomatoes - A Guide to Choosing theBest Variety for Mid-Hudson Valley
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Tomatoes are a popular and versatile vegetable that can be used in many different dishes. However, it can sometimes be difficult to identify the variety of tomato you have. If you’re looking for help identifying an unusual paste (?) tomato, then this blog is for you!

The picture made some people think of a Reisetomate/Jersey Devil cross. It turns out that this particular variety is actually a three-way cross between Marveille des Marches, Ponderosa and Mikado escarlate. This type of tomato is known as “Marmande” and is said to be vigourous, medium-sized with a flat and coteléd shape. Its flesh is consistent and very fragrant with sweet notes.

There are seven versions of Marmande available on the market today. One way to find them is by looking at the seed offer from Shawn and Carolyn last Spring which listed many French varieties.

If you live in the Mid-Hudson Valley, you may want to try growing these tomatoes since they tend to do well in this climate. The area also offers spectacular apples and fall foliage during autumn season so it’s definitely worth checking out!

In addition, Italian varieties may not work as well in this climate but there are other types such as those from France, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia and Ukraine which could potentially produce great results. Marglobe and its relatives may also fare better due to their French origin.

So if you’re looking for help identifying an unusual paste (?) tomato, then hopefully this blog has been able to provide some useful insights. Good luck with your gardening journey!Finally, it’s important to remember that the best way to identify a tomato is by its taste. So if you have access to some of these varieties, try them out and see which one works best for your palate!

What variety is pictured in the article?

The variety is unknown, but it is likely a cross between Reisetomate and Roma.

What varieties are used to create Marmande?

Marmande is created by a three-way cross between Merveille des Marchés, Pondorosa, and Mikado Écarlate.

How many versions of Marmande are there?

There are seven versions of Marmande.

Did Norbert ever contact anyone from the US to trade seeds?

Yes, Norbert contacted five people in the US to trade seeds. However, he was not proficient in English, so communication was difficult.

Was Norbert ever at Tomatoville?

Yes, Norbert was at Tomatoville a few years ago. Although there were enough people who were proficient in French to translate his messages, communication was still difficult.

Are there any French varieties listed in Shawn and Carolyn's seed offer?

Yes, Shawn and Carolyn listed several French varieties in their seed offer last Spring. It can be found in the Seed Trade section.

Where does Carolyn live?

Carolyn lives in the Mid-Hudson Valley, near New Paltz off Exit 18 on the NYS Thruway.

What types of tomatoes grow best in Carolyn's climate?

Carolyn has had great results with French, German, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Northern Californian tomatoes, Marglobe and certain Marglobe relatives.