Noire de Crimee Tomatoes - A Unique Variety for Your Garden with Tastier Fruit and Increased Vigor!

Noire de Crimee Tomatoes - A Unique Variety for Your Garden with Tastier Fruit and Increased Vigor!
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Tomato varieties can be confusing, especially when it comes to Black Crim - Noire de Crimee. It is often referred to as Black Crimea, Black Krim, Nero di Crimea or Crni Krim. After consulting with experts at Tville and Norbert P. in France, the consensus was that Noir de Crimee was the preferred variety.

Carolyn had a similar experience when she found seed for Black Crimea in her tin this season. She planted the seed and later looked it up online only to find out it was just Black Krim renamed. While still a nice tomato, Carolyn recommends trying Noire de Crimee instead. Her own experiments showed that the taste of Noire de Crimee was better than Black Krim, and she also noted its vigor, tidier fruit and truss size, and more contained yet vigorous growth habit.

This confusion between varieties has been around since the late 1800s/early-mid 1900s. An example is Peter Henderson's Ponderosa variety versus the "heirloom" name of Brandywine Pink which are genetically the same tomato but have different names associated with them.

To summarize, while Black Krim is a nice tomato variety, many experts recommend trying Noire de Crimee instead due to its better taste, increased vigor and more contained growth habit.It is also important to note that the confusion between varieties has been around for a long time, so it's always best to double-check before planting.

Noire de Crimee is an heirloom variety of tomato originating from Crimea in Russia and was first introduced into Europe in 1885. It produces large, dark red fruits with green shoulders and can weigh up to 1 pound each! The flavor is sweet yet acidic with a hint of smokiness which makes it great for salads or sandwiches.

The plant itself grows vigorously and can reach heights of 6 feet tall if given enough space. It does well when grown outdoors but may need some protection from strong winds or heavy rains as its foliage tends to be delicate. Noire de Crimee tomatoes are indeterminate meaning they will continue producing fruit until frost kills them off at the end of the season making them ideal for gardeners who want lots of tomatoes throughout summer months!

In conclusion, Black Crim - Noire de Crimee are two different tomato varieties that have similar names but distinct characteristics such as taste, vigor, growth habit and size/weight differences between their fruits respectively; however both produce delicious results when used correctly in recipes or eaten fresh out-of-hand! While Noir DeCrimee may require more attention due its delicate foliage structure compared to Black Krim’s hardier nature; overall this variety offers superior flavor profile along with increased yields over other types available on market today making it worth considering by any gardener looking add something special their next harvest season!

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From Gerd's test in 2018, there are only 10 names for the same plant. Noir de Crimée = Black Criméa = Black Krim = Nero di Crimea = Crni Krim are all the same tomato. It is recommended to try Noire de Crimee as it has better taste, vigor, tidier fruit and truss size, and more contained growth habit. To ensure accuracy, it is best to double-check the name of the tomato with the supplier or seed company.