Planting Onions in 2019: Tips to Growing Houston's TX 1015Y and Other Varieties

Planting Onions in 2019: Tips to Growing Houston's TX 1015Y and Other Varieties
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Onions are a staple in many gardens around the world. In Texas, short day onions can be grown easily due to the climate, while other states may require intermediate or long day onions. Planting onion seeds is usually done on October 15th and a well-known variety is Texas 1015Y - yellow onions planted on 10-15 (October 15th). Transplants are also available for less than $2 for 50 plants.

When growing intermediate day onions, it's important to consider daylight time and shading needs. Additionally, cold temperatures may be necessary for successful growth. Gin3ll from Romania shared their experience with tomato cultivation, which starts around 1st May with ripening occurring between July and August. For onions, sets should be planted in September-October for harvesting at the end of June. If planting is missed in autumn, then end of March - April is recommended. Onion seed has not been used by Gin3ll but sets are purchased instead.

In Texas, store-bought transplants are often labeled simply as Yellow, Red, or White without indicating the variety. Salt was having difficulty getting Candy and Exhibition onion seeds to germinate despite following the same technique they have used before. It could be that the seed was old or stored improperly during transit. Buying onion plants from nearby nurseries can help avoid shipping fees but these selections may not always be suitable for long day areas. Scallions can also be grown from sets rather than seeds.

Overall, when planting onions it's important to consider your area's climate and day length requirements so you can choose the right varieties for success. Be sure to buy fresh seeds or transplants and follow proper techniques for optimal results.Onions are a great addition to any garden and can be harvested in the summer for delicious meals. With proper care, you'll have plenty of onions for 2019!

What is the best way to grow onions in Texas?

The best way to grow onions in Texas is to plant short day onion sets in September-October. This will result in nice onion bulbs at the end of June.

Is it possible to grow intermediate day onions in Texas?

Yes, it is possible to grow intermediate day onions in Texas. Normally, seeds should be started on October 15th and shading may be necessary. Cold temperatures may also be required for successful growth.

What is the tomato cultivation season like in Romania?

In Romania, seedlings are usually planted around 1st May and tomatoes ripen around 1-7 July. July and August can be very hot, but this is not always the case. The end of the season is usually on September 15-20.

What could cause low or no germination when growing onions?

Low or no germination when growing onions could be caused by old or improperly stored seeds, or by incorrect handling during transit. It could also be due to incorrect technique or materials used when planting.

Where can one buy onion plants in Texas?

Onion plants can be bought from a nearby nursery that sells Dixondale onion plants, or from other places that label them only by color. Sets can also be bought for scallions.