Prepare Delicious Tomato Juice without Aluminum and Enjoy the Benefits!

Prepare Delicious Tomato Juice without Aluminum and Enjoy the Benefits!
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Making tomato juice is a time-consuming and laborious process, but it can be worth the effort. After purchasing four bushels of Beefsteak tomatoes from Grainger County, I chopped up three bushels and began making juice. I ended up with seven quarts out of the pressure canner after reducing six gallons of juice. The flavor was so good that I decided to add some of the juice from my garden to increase the volume. In total, I started with 18 gallons of raw juice.

To get the juice drinkable, I used a "Back to Basics" food mill which is almost identical to Victorio products. This hand crank type cost me $57 about ten years ago. My steps for making juice included washing the tomatoes, cutting them up and removing seeds, then running everything through the BTB mill twice to remove skins and remaining seeds. After this first part of the run, I got 25 quarts out of it.

When it comes to separating out skins and seeds, one should avoid using aluminum as it reacts with the acid in tomatoes and can contribute to Alzheimer's. Instead, consider stainless steel or Cabelas' attachment for meat grinders made out of porcelain covered cast iron which also makes great applesauce. Two weeks ago, friends and I got together and made over a thousand quarts of applesauce and 300 gallons of cider using this unit for sauce and a bladder press for cider.

In conclusion, making tomato juice requires patience and hard work but can be very rewarding in terms of taste and health benefits. With proper equipment such as stainless steel or porcelain covered cast iron attachments, you can make delicious juices without worrying about adverse reactions with aluminum.With a bit of practice, you can make large batches of juice in no time. So don't be afraid to stay up late and get your hands dirty making tomato juice tonight!

What did Ted purchase to make his juice?

Ted purchased 4 bushels of Beefsteak tomatoes from Grainger County to make his juice.

How much juice did Ted get out of the first part of the run?

Ted got 25 quarts out of the first part of the run.

What does Ted use to separate out the skins and seeds?

Ted uses a "Back to Basics" food mill, which is a hand crank type and is almost identical to the Victorio products.

What are the steps Ted takes to make his juice?

Ted's steps to make his juice are as follows: 1. Wash the tomatoes; 2. Begin cutting the tomatoes and removing seeds; 3. Crank all the tomatoes thru the BTB mill which removes the skins and remaining seeds; 4. The juice goes into a large 12 quart pot on.

Is it possible to make hooch with this juice?

Yes, it is possible to make wine with this juice, but sugar may need to be added to get a higher alcohol content.

Does Ted's juice have any healing properties?

It is believed that Ted's juice has some spiritual healing properties.

What is the rig Ted uses for making his juice?

Ted mounts the BTB mill on one of his old cutting boards, adds in a small block of wood to raise it up to fit the height of his bowls, and also uses a couple of clamps to hold everything together as one unit over the double sink. He stages tomato chunks before they go into the hopper, and uses a blue (cheap) spoon to move them to the hopper and stir in reduction pot.

Is it safe to use an aluminum unit for making juice?

No, it is not safe to use an aluminum unit for making juice because aluminum reacts with the acid in the tomatoes, resulting in a dose of aluminum which is a contributing factor in Alzheimer's.