Reap the Benefits of a Bumper Crop: Enjoy This Year's Abundance of Pecans While It Lasts

Reap the Benefits of a Bumper Crop: Enjoy This Year's Abundance of Pecans While It Lasts
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It has been a great year for pecans, with trees all over the place raining down nuts. The cold winter last year is believed to have helped bring them back on track. It's almost impossible to walk under any tree without stepping on a pecan. Two sacks of crawfish were filled from just two trees near the house.

Pecans are one of the most popular nuts around, and it's easy to see why. They look great and taste even better. Unfortunately, they don't grow in Pennsylvania, but those living in other areas should enjoy this bumper crop while it lasts. Last year was poor to mediocre compared to this year's abundance. Some people have even sold seedlings dug up from their yards on ebay.

In some neighborhoods, the trees have put out so many nuts that the local squirrel population has picked them clean. This can be frustrating for gardeners who want to grow broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage or Brussels sprouts this year, as the squirrels have also been raiding their tomatoes since the pecans are gone.

It takes two trees to produce pecans, as they aren't self-pollinating. All pecan seeds will create different nuts than the original nut, so there's no telling what genetics will make the nut from that tree - some good and some not so good. There are self-pollinating pecans available to buy, however, and Texas A&M states that if there is only one type growing nearby then it will grow true.

For those looking for seedlings for pecans, there are cold hardy varieties available which can withstand snow and fierce cold temperatures. If you're interested in getting some, reach out later and someone may be able to mail you some. Enjoy this bumper crop of pecans while it lasts!

What caused the trees to rain pecans?

The cold from last year got them back on track.

How many trees are loaded with pecans?

There are 11 trees loaded with pecans.

Are there any hardy pecan varieties that can grow in Pennsylvania?

There is a zone 5 hardy one, but it is difficult to find a tree near to confirm this.

Do you need two trees to have pecans?

Yes, you need two trees to have pecans as they are not self-pollinating.

Are there any self-pollinating pecans available to buy?

Yes, Stark Bro.s offers some self-pollinating pecans.

Can a single type of pecan tree growing near Texas A&M grow true?

Yes, if there is only one type of pecan tree growing near Texas A&M, it can grow true.

Is Philagardener in a cold zone?

Philagardener is in USDA zone 7a, and experiences fierce cold sometimes.

What happened when Bill was picking pecans?

Bill was surrounded by squirrels and had to drop his bag of pecans and slowly back out of the circle of angry squirrels.

Does Rajun offer seedlings for pecans?

Yes, Rajun offers seedlings for pecans and would be glad to mail them out.