Save Tomato Seeds Using an Immersion Blender: Tips and Experiences of Gardeners

Save Tomato Seeds Using an Immersion Blender: Tips and Experiences of Gardeners
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Immersion blenders are a great kitchen tool, but can they be used to save tomato seeds? This is a question many gardeners have asked. It seems that the gel surrounding the tomato seed may protect it from being damaged by the blade of an immersion blender. But has anyone actually tried this method on tomatoes?

The answer is yes. Some gardeners have successfully saved tomato seeds using both normal and immersion blenders. They report that the blades never touch any of the seeds, even when pureeing tomatillos. However, it's worth noting that these experiments were done with store-bought tomatoes that had softened over time.

For those looking for an excuse to buy an immersion blender, this could be it! Just bear in mind that running the blender for too long will result in liquified tomatoes rather than chunky salsa or sauce. To get the desired consistency, use short bursts instead of one long run.

KarenO shared her experience with immersion blenders: "My immersion blender liquifies everything if it is run long enough. I wouldn't use it for seed saving." On the other hand, others have reported success with their own methods. For example, one gardener found that slicing tomatoes in half and squeezing out the seeds was effective, as no seeds were ever sliced in half. Another found that using a potato masher worked well for larger tomatoes with big seeds, while cherry or currant-sized varieties needed something more delicate.

To test whether an immersion blender would work without damaging the tiny seeds of smaller tomatoes, some gardeners have taken pictures of pepper solutions before and after blending them with an immersion blender. The results showed traces of seeds in the solution but none intact.

So, what does all this mean for those who want to save tomato seeds? In short, it appears possible to do so using an immersion blender - just make sure you're careful not to blend for too long and damage the seeds. As always, it's best to experiment and see what works best for you!

Has anyone used an IMMERSION BLENDER to save seeds?

Seeds are alive and easily damaged, especially fresh seeds with a soft seed coat as in the case of fresh wet tomato seeds. It would not save any time or effort particularly especially if you consider the time to get it out, use it, clean it and put it away.

Would an immersion blender (stick blender) work on tomatoes without damaging the seeds?

My immersion blender liquifies everything if it is run long enough. I wouldn't use it for seed saving. You can adjust the consistency of your salsa/sauce by how long you run your immersion blender. Short shots will leave chunky material. Long runs will liquify.

Has anybody tried this, either normal or immersion, on tomatoes to collect seeds for fermentation?

I haven't tried it on tomatoes other than canned SM's. The only way to find out for sure with your method is to try it out on some store bought tomatoes that have sat out and softened.

Does the gel protect the seeds from being damaged?

I am starting to believe that the seed gel protects the seeds. Think about it for a minute---when you slice a tomato in half to squeeze the seeds out for fermenting, have you ever seen even ONE seed that was sliced in half? I haven't. And blending tomatillo seeds in a blender, I have not seen any damaged seeds, have any of you?